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Books – Alien Promise

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Alien Promise

By Missy Lyons

Publisher Siren Publishing

Length: Novel

Genre: Sci-Fi, Menage, Fantasy Romance


Combat hardened warriors, Ryder and Saber are on a simple recovery mission, but just feet away from the criminal mastermind attempting to take over the earth they lose him in the crowd and bump into an extremely curvy woman that claims she can get them close to their target. Lily moves them into her home and helps them blend in with the humans.

It doesn’t take long to realize this is the woman they can finally share in their lives as their mate.

Lily doesn’t understand the super nova hot lust she feels for the two men, but they can’t be aliens, can they? Everything she once accepted as reality is thrown out the window when she is abducted and claimed as her alien’s mate. She has to wonder if it is the super hot sex or if there is something deeper building between her and her two alien hunks. Unfortunately she doesn’t have time to search her feelings before she is in a new danger.

Ryder and Saber may lose everything they fought so hard for.